Santorini at Midday


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Up to 15 people.
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About this experience

Guests will feel as if they have walked into paradise as they relax in the kidney-shaped pool or walk through the surrounding vineyards. A homegrown garden offers bounty that one can use to create a Mediterranean masterpiece in the nearby kitchen. Watching the sun rise from the sea from your bedroom window is a treat to not be missed and simply requires that one leaves the shutters open.

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Non Photographers
Advanced Amateurs

Meet your host Daniel

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Hi! I am Daniel!

Hi, so nice to meet you! My name is Edurne and I’m an Italian Portrait Photographer based in Rome.

I take portraits of babies, families, graduates and couples on a regular basis but there is something that I feel very passionate about: Capturing beautiful life moments. I love the connection and bond that occurs in these important moments.

I’ll be Happy to host you to give you an amazing experience on how to capture your newborn’s first days and also help you on your photographic journey for all the moments to come!

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Meeting Point
Panagia Platsani
The Church of Panagia Platsani was originally constructed inside the walls of the Castle of Oia. The church was moved to its current location, the village center.
Exact Location
Church of Panagia Platsani, Santorini 847.
Exact location will be sent after the checkout

Phase 1

View on the Kastro Oia Houses

Kastro Oia Houses is a very beautiful place in Santorini that’s also really photogenic. The combination of the orange and the blue colour of the building makes it very unique. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to take some wonderful photos!

Phase 2

Depth of field practice

Phase 3

Anastasia church

Phase 4

Composition practice

This is probably one of the most famous places in Santorini and that isn’t the case for no reason! This place is so magical, because you will see the wonderful dome here and you’ll also have a view over the sea and the beautiful water.

Ending point
Byzantine Castle Ruins
The castle of St. Nicholas dates back to the 15th century. It was one of the most significant residences on the island as it was a home of Byzantine aristocracy as well as high educated people and also a place of storing crops.
Ending Point
Castle of St.Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos).

Equipment to bring

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Camera Mobile phone
Any lens Wide angle lens

The Phloc Way

Mixture of fundamental photographic skills




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