Barcelona FREE Photo Tour

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In person event
120 mins.
Guided by a great photographer
Up to 15 people.
Mobile Friendly (Limited)

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Spanish ­č笭čçŞ
Safety measures
Instructions will be mentioned at the beginning of every experience.
Goverment Requirements
Hand sanitizer and face mask required
Small Groups
Smaller groups of maximum 15 attendants.

About this experience

Designed by local photographers, this free tour is intended for anybody who likes photography, from amateurs to professionals. Our photographic approach based on Mindful Photography is influenced by what we believe is the most universal characteristic of every person who likes to take pictures, the Art of Storytelling.

During this route, your phlocal (Local Photographer) will take you to the best places to capture Rome and you will have the chance to practice Street Photography, Urban Landscape Photography, Macro Photography, and Architecture photography while always focusing your intention on choosing and following a subject so you can tell your OWN photographic story.

How is this tour free?
Remember that this is a FREE tour and your phlocal is working to share the best local knowledge and photography inspiration, so any tip afterward will highly appreciate it.

Best suited for

Non Photographers
Advanced Amateurs

Meet your host Nico

Nicolás Blaiotta
Hi! I am Nico

I’ve been always fascinated by the possibility of freezing an instant and save it for ever. That is one of the reasons why I started with Photography. In my nearly 20 years of experience I have learned all types, styles and technics out there around photography.

Whether it is Portraits, Photojournalism, Landscape or Fashion, I┬┤ve been there. The last few years I┬┤ve fully investing myself into Street Photography and I realized something: Good pictures are everywhere, it is up to the ability of the photographer to find it!

Identity verified
Identity verified

Meeting Point

Barcelona Street Photography Mini Workshop
Plaza Espa├▒a
Plaza Espa├▒a 6-8
In front of Buenas Migas Restaurant.

Equipment to bring

Basic Equipment Ideal Equipment
Camera Mobile phone
Any lens Wide angle lens
Plastic bag or raincoat for your camera, if the weather requires it.

The Phloc Way

Mixture of fundamental photographic skills




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The original FREE Photo Tour: The Art of Storytelling

Free Photo Tour

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All experiences can be cancelled and fully refunded within 24 hours before the experience starts. Local experiences cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions are fully refundable.

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Architecture Photography, Landscape Photography, Portrait Photography, Street Photography, Travel Photography



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Nicolas Blaiotta