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I love photography because it allows me to express myself and my creativity. When I take photos I feel happy and I could not imagine my life without taking photos. Photography infuses my life with joy.
  • How I discovered photography:
  • My Equipment
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Since I was a child, I always had a propensity for art, in fact I loved to draw and because of this I attended the Fine Art Institute. During those years I started studying photography and I realized that this was the path I wanted to take. So, immediately after graduating, I enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where I was able to continue my artistic career.

My interest in photography was born during my studies thanks to the professor of my course, who gave me all his passion and pushed me to buy my first camera. When I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples,I started to have a more creative approach to photography.

I use an Olympus OMD EM5 mark II mirrorless camera with pro lenses, my favorite is the zuiko 12-40mm pro, I love the 45mm for portraits and 7-14mm for landscapes.
I also use various tools for light painting such as the “light painting brushes” of which I am an ambassador. I have a lot of them and I have a big collection with light swords, fiber optics, plexiglass and flashlights.

Awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2019 International Photography Awards, Finalist of the contest “Nikon Talents”, Finalist of the Light painting awards.

I’m proud of my interviews on Olympus Passion Magazine and italian magazine “IL FOTOGRAFO”.

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What is Online Photography Feedback?
It is an intimate online session where I will analyze your pictures to help you grow as a photographer.

This happens on phloc’s state of the art platform, and is live.

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“Six things I wish I knew when I started Light Painting Photography: Ft. Maria Saggese.”

I will share my knowledge, experience and useful tips on my Light Painting Techniques in this FREE webinar.

I will share my knowledge with you so you can explore, create, learn and improve your photographic skills at my Mini-Workshop Experience.

What will you Learn and Practice?

The Experience will be divided into 3 main sections:
-“Technical Part” where you will learn how to set up your camera, the basics and equipment you need for long exposures!

-Play with Light!  All participants will be divided into small groups and you will get the chance to use various light tools with which you can have fun and ignite your creativity! You can both take pictures and become a real light painter!

-The “masterpiece” the groups will mix again collaborating together to create a final light painting image.
You will learn that it is important to think about the lighting effects and how to choose the right tools!



“Understanding new techniques“

“I didn’t know the technique of Light Painting and thanks to Maria I discovered a new world. Maria is a very good artist, she was able to convey all her passion for this art, and I was able to create unique and creative photos. Thanks for the wonderful experience, I recommend everyone to try it”

– Debora
“Awesome! I’m ready to create picture like this!“

“Maria is a talented artist, she explained the light painting technique and showed us her art. She took incredible and unique photos and it was so magical. Highly recommended. Thank you Maria!”

– Enrico Sarti
“My Feedback Session was a Game Changer!“

“I started experimenting with light painting a while back but I was not satisfied with my results, taking the feedback session with Maria and following her tips definitively sstepped up my photos and I’m excited for what can I achieve now!”

– Céline Fran

Brands I work with
Brand Embassador
Brand Embassador
Huawei Talent
Italian Representative

Brands I work with

Brand Embassador
Brand Embassador
Huawei Talent
Italian Representative

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