A collection of photographs is not a story. A story is a story just when you own it.


Storytelling LAB

Owning a story is a process with intention, it is not an accident.

We designed this experience to take you through the whole creative process of finding your core message, selecting the right pictures, crafting the right narrative/sequencing, and finding a title that gives you ownership of your story.

This experience is divided into two phases.

Phase 1:

This experience includes all the steps in catalog critique (discovering hidden patterns, meaningful collections and potential stories) and then jump into the creative process of finding a story baseline and story title.

Perfect for those who don’t have a curated collection but want to find the potential stories hidden in their catalog.

Phase 2:

Opening soon.

Just for those who have a single curated collection of over 100 photos

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Step by Step

Storytelling LAB

  • At Check Out
  • Upload Pictures
  • During the Storytelling LAB Session
  • After Storytelling LAB Session

Choose your desired language, the right time and date. Keep in mind you’ll have to select a sample of pictures.

After the check out you’ll receive an e-mail with how to upload you pictures.

The day of your session, 5 min before you will receive a link to join our platform with your critiquer, grab a coffee and enjoy your live feedback session.

You will be ready to start your path as visual storyteller and create extraordinary stories through photography.

Languages Available

  • English 🇬🇧
  • Español 🇪🇸
  • Italiano 🇮🇹
Storytelling LAB (Phase 1)
Finding a story baseline and story title.
  • 100 Pictures
  • 1 Access to Online Platform
  • 1 Hr
Storytelling LAB (Phase 1)
Finding a story baseline and story title.
  • 150 Pictures
  • 1 Access to Online Platform
  • 1 Hr 15min.

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Real reviews from real people, like you.

“I’ve never noticed it before“

“I always ask myself, what’s important in this shot? Now knowing the patterns, I can easily decide what is”.

Marc Murray

Nikon D5600 user

“It looks so nice“

“There were things I kind of sensed, but had no name for them until now, now I’m excited to start telling a story with my pictures and share with others”.

Agnieska Zielińska

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 and Iphone X User

“I really enjoyed this!“

“Now that I understand my patterns, I can generate them and start creating stories with them. It’s a whole new thing to me”.

Erik Condolo

Nikon D3500

Why is Storytelling an important part of photography?

Storytelling is the basic objective of every photo that we have taken. Photographs are all communicating something right?

But are they? Is our intention clear for those who view our photos?

At phloc we believe that you jump from being a Visual Collector (LINK TO THE PHLOC WAY PAGE) to a Visual Storyteller when you OWN your story. This process has to have INTENTION and follow a methodology. Our Storytelling LAB sessions are perfectly designed to walk you through this process.


Who will be the critiquer on the other side of my session at my Storytelling LAB phase 1 feedback?

This is our specialty….. we find the best photographers world wide. We not only look for them to be the best photographers but also make sure they have qualities such as patience, kindness and are natural conversationalists.

They are here to help you to grow and enjoy your passion of photography.


In what language is the feedback session?

We currently offer all of our experiences in English, Español and Italiano.


I'm not an expert or experienced photographer, should I take a Storytelling LAB Phase 1 feedback session?

The Storytelling LAB is a good fit for everyone because it will help you to focus and follow a personal story. We recommend this experience if you have been taking pictures for at least 6 months, but is not a must.


I'm a very experienced photographer in my area of expertise, why do I need this?

This online experience is what will help you level up your photography expertise. It will help you to focus and a follow a story that you might or might not be following already. Through the creative and personal process of finding a story title (which is 50% of any story, the other 50% is a good selection) sequencing and editing of your pictures you will grow as a photographer.

Also this experience is recommended for any photographer who wants to: submit pictures for a contest, print a book, create a personal web page, or curate their personal Instagram feed.


After the booking, what happens next? Where do I upload my pictures?

You will receive an email with a link to upload your photos immediately after you book your session. You have up to 24 hours before the experience to have your photos uploaded, the phloc critiquer needs time to review your photos.

If we do not receive the photos 24 hours before your experience we will have to reschedule the session for another time.

You photos MUST be under 1mb per photo and in jpeg format.


How should I choose my photographs?

This experience is about focus and narrative of yoir pictures, so we recommend that you have a photography curated collection (LINK TO PHLOC WAY) of at least 100 images. If you don’t have this, you might want to check LINK CATALOG CRITIQUE.


How should I export my photos to the right file size and format?

All photos submitted must be under 1mb per photo. We have many resources to help you resize your photos.

  • If you use Photoshop this video can be helpful for batch resizing
  • If you use Lightroom this video can be helpful for batch resizing
  • If you don’t have either this tool is helpful.


What type of computer and internet connection should i have for the feedback session?
  • Chrome or Firefox Browser
  • Microphone and Webcam
  • CPU 1,5 GHz single core to 2,8 GHz dual core
  • RAM Memory 2Gb to 4Gb
  • Network Bandwidth 1Mb/s to 8 Mb/s



How often should I have a Storytelling LAB phase 1 feedback session?

For every story that you want to own, follow and create you should have a Storytelling LAB session.



I might need personalized help to export my pictures, do you provide this service?

Sure, please send us an email to support@phloc.io and we will coordinate a live call to you help you in anyway possible.



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