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Please Notice:

Due to the COVID-19 we will be suspending our current “in location” photography experiences until further notice from health officials in each country stating that it is safe to continue.

About New York

New York City is a fantastic place to take photographs… from the glorious Sunrise at the Brooklyn Bridge to night photography in Brooklyn Heights. There are many Architecture photography opportunities, and just walking in SOHO Neighberhood, its street photography can’t be missed.

Our original and famous FREE Photo Tour: The Art of Storytelling is an excellent way to start exploring New York City alongside a great Local Photographer (we like to call them PHLOCALS).

Together you will explore New York City from a unique photographic perspective; at the same time, our PHLOCAL will teach you what we consider to be an essential skill in photography, the Art of Storytelling, and our brand concept “Mindful Photography,” you will simply love it!

You cannot miss our other photographic Local Mini-Workshops, and if it´s a full moon, don’t miss the #CaptureTheMoonrise event while having fun with other local and international photographers.
Safety measures
Instructions will be mentioned at the beginning of every experience.
Goverment Requirements
Hand sanitizer and face mask required
Small Groups
Smaller groups of maximum 5 attendants.
New York FREE Photo Tour: The Art of Story Telling
Come join our Free Photography Tour in New York. This free photography tour is designed by photographers, for photographers. The local photographer guide will be showcasing 4 different photography styles with a focus on the Storytelling technique.
Meeting Point
Jane’s Carousel, New Dock Street.
Tip Based
We believe that, if money is given, it should be voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the tour.
Temporary Suspended
We will reactivate this tour soon, check our other experiences.

About phloc Experiences

Immersive experiences with a unique photographic touch.
Designed for photographers by photographers.
With perfect timing, at a photographer's pace and encouraging your creativity.
Small Groups & Private experiences.
Join an intimate group or request a private experience.
Guided by local photographers.
Specialized photographers with local insight, handpicked by phloc.

Photography Creative Spaces

FREE Photo Tour – Tip Based

New York FREE Photo Tour

A life changer photography experience, adapted to learn and practice the right mindset to learn the Art of Storytelling instead of just taking photos.


Night Photography Mini Workshop

Lets practice with long exposures, light accumulation and have fun in low light conditions.

Opening Soon


#CaptureTheMoonrise Monthly Event

A global photography event organized by phloc in many cities, oriented to capture one of the most beautiful astronomical events.


Street Photography Mini-Workshop

Discover the hunting perspective of discreet photography, we will practice some of the most relevant skills to capture moments in the streets.

Opening Soon


Macro Photography Mini-Workshop

Discover the beautiful world of Macro photography, we will practice some of the most important skills to tell stories in a different proportion.

Opening Soon


Natural Light Portrait Photography Mini-Workshop

Understanding the natural light to capture beautiful portraits is the main focus of this photography experience.

Opening Soon

Join our #CaptureTheMoonrise Monthly Event

Photographer? Living in New York?

Guide With Us

Phlocals are local photographers that inspire others while leading photo tours and experiences through inspiration, creativity, and storytelling. Being a phlocal means more than being a great photographer. Phlocals are sociable and love to share their passion for photography.

We curate "creative spaces" for photographers:

phloc skills

Photo Skills

All our experiences are based on three fundamental skills.
We believe these skills are universal for all types of photography and are necessary to grow as a photographer.

Photography is FUN!

Is an amazing way to connect with the global photography tribe.