Light Conditions

February 6, 2020by phloc

Light is the key element in photography. No light means no pictures. However, there is a broad range between low and high light. We want to be at the perfect location at the right time, so how do we get to that?

When attending a photographic experience, the most important thing to decide is what kind of light you would like to have, in other words, what kind of light you would like to be prevalent during the phloc. At the beginning, this may not sound so relevant, but for us, phloc, it’s the MOST IMPORTANT decision to consider. When we talk about light conditions we are talking about how much light will be available during the phloc experience, but we encourage you to see it as the transition between one phase of the day into another.

You will see that the light conditions are represented in each experience listed, take a look at them and choose the one you are more attracted to. You can choose between sunrise, daytime, sunset, and nighttime and you may also find an experience that involves two or more of them.

The light conditions, together with the photographic elements, will make it a fantastic photographic experience.


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