My Pic

An outside perspective and analysis from an expert photographer.

My Pic

Feedback based on technical aspects of your pictures.

Each picture will be analyzed in three levels of depth: Exposition, Composition, and Post-Processing.

Learn, discover and enjoy in our interactive platform.
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Real reviews from real people, like you.

“This is illuminating!“

“No one ever told me that I was saturating to much the color in my pictures, this Feedback was illuminating!”

Jonathan Arend

Canon T6 User
“Esta lectura me piace“

“I like this way at looking at my photos, starting from now I will pay more attention on the highlights to avoid burning out my pictures”.

Alessandro Nesto

Canon 6D User
“This is great“

I’m starting to see things I hadn’t seen before. I wasn’t noticing that I was taking pictures with a horizon dropped! I feel like I am a step ahead.

Fran Aguilar

Iphone X User
Step by Step

Critique My Pic

  • 1 At Check Out
  • 2 Upload Pictures
  • 3 During the Critique My Pic Session
  • 4 After the Critique My Pic Session

Choose your desired language, the right time and date. Keep in mind you’ll have to select a sample of pictures.

After the check out you’ll receive an e-mail with how to upload you pictures.

The day of your session, 5 min before you will receive a link to join our platform with your critiquer, grab a coffee and enjoy your live feedback session.

You will be ready to take your photography to the next level, being mindful in concepts like exposition, composition and post proccessing.

Why is it important to have a Feedback Session of Critique my Pic?

In today’s world information is everywhere and easily accessible, but how accessible is honest feedback from a experienced human?

  • It’s always good to have other pair of eyes
  • Professional perspective
  • It becomes easy to solve mistakes once they are pointed out
  • 3 layers of analysis ( exposition, composition, post processing)


Who will be the critiquer on the other side of my session at my Critique my Pic feedback?

This is our specialty….. we find the best photographers world wide. We not only look for them to be the best photographers but also make sure they have qualities such as patience, kindness and are natural conversationalists.

They are here to help you to grow and enjoy your passion of photography.


In what language is the feedback session?

We currently offer all of our experiences in English, Español and Italiano.


I'm not an expert or experienced photographer, should I take a Critique My Pic feedback session?

Of course! There is no better way to improve our photography than from identifying the mistakes in our photos.


I'm a very experienced photographer in my area of expertise, why do I need this?

Professional perspective, there is always something new to learn.


After the booking, what happens next? Where do I upload my pictures?

You will receive an email with a link to upload your photos immediately after you book your session. You have up to 24 hours before the experience to have your photos uploaded, the phloc critiquer needs time to review your photos.

If we do not receive the photos 24 hours before your experience we will have to reschedule the session for another time.

You photos MUST be under 1mb per photo and in jpeg format.


How should I choose my photographs?

For a Critique my Pic session we recommend choosing photos that focus on gaining composition and editing feedback.


How should I export my photos to the right file size and format?

All photos submitted must be under 1mb per photo. We have many resources to help you resize your photos.

  • If you use Photoshop this video can be helpful for batch resizing
  • If you use Lightroom this video can be helpful for batch resizing
  • If you don’t have either this tool is helpful.


What type of computer and internet connection should i have for the feedback session?
  • Chrome or Firefox Browser
  • Microphone and Webcam
  • CPU 1,5 GHz single core to 2,8 GHz dual core
  • RAM Memory 2Gb to 4Gb
  • Network Bandwidth 1Mb/s to 8 Mb/s



How often should I have a Critique my Pic feedback session?

A Critique my Pic session can be had anytime you want to find out a different opinion about your photography or learn something new about yourself.



I might need personalized help to export my pictures, do you provide this service?

Sure, please send us an email to and we will coordinate a live call to you help you in anyway possible.



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