We believe in connecting and empowering photographers worldwide.

We also believe photography should be LOCAL, SOCIAL and FUN.

Phloc is here to share our love of photography.

Photography is a way to connect people. It’s an expression of our humanity but most importantly, of our ability to express our creativity.

Photography suffered a big hit back in the early 2000s when analog photography started to encounter the new digital era. We all know what happened, who succeeded and who didn’t.

Not only the way photographs are taken or our approach to photography has changed, but also the photographers themselves. The definition of who is a photographer today is more controversial than the definition we had in the analog era. We believe that changes always happen for good reasons!

Although photography has changed, since having a camera and learning photography is now accessible to virtually anyone,  a simple but important piece did not change back then: the FEEDBACK. Specifically, feedback from an expert who is willing to use all their expertise to help others succeed on their photography journey.

This is exactly what we are changing at Phloc. We are connecting the best photographers worldwide so they can give feedback and help others. We have developed an innovative method of feedback that uses the “old” techniques of the analog era, but with all the advantages of the digital revolution.

Phloc is the brainchild of Eduardo Feldman, a well recognized Mexican photographer featured on National Geographic, an entrepreneur and a psychologist. Since 2009, Eduardo has been traveling around the world with his camera always looking for the best shot. During his travels he realized that the best advice about capturing the essence of a place is given by a local.

Everything started one day back in 2009 when Eduardo decided he wanted to share his love of photography with others. He posted flyers on trees in his hometown inviting photography lovers to join him, have a good time, connect with other photographers and share stories through their cameras. He then realized that if taking pictures with others is fun and having a local photographer allows you to unlock the hidden gems of a place, this was an experience worth spreading! And thus, phloc , a global community of local photographers willing to share with the world their towns and knowledge, was born!

We believe every person is different, so we are constantly looking for different ways for people to connect through photography. This connection doesn’t always have to be about taking photos, it could be about admiring and becoming inspired by the work of other photographers.

phloc is here for local photographers: The global community of local photographers.

We are innovating the way local photographers connect with their clients. We are always looking for win-win opportunities that allow photographers to monetize their time and skills through the innovative model of the “gig economy”.

phloc is about Storytelling, creativity, and fun with photography.

We create online and local experiences around the globe to help you discover your photography storytelling style through The phloc Way. Although technical skills are the base of photography and understanding the light and how to operate your camera is important, technology keeps improving thus making this process easier. Now finding your own style as a photographer is what makes you unique. The key to this is becoming aware of the patterns in the photos you are drawn to and learning how to weave your story through your images. You will release your creativity and will start telling your own story.

“Photography is not just about taking photos, is about connecting to yourself as you admire a moment on this planet”

Eduardo Feldman
C.E.O. & Founder

The Online Feedback Platform for Photographers.

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